αrt objects

This series emerged due to my difficulty to find objects that match the aesthetics and philosophy of the spaces that I design.

Not just utilitarian, not just decorative

Objects with usability without the shell of the strictness of everyday necessity.

Objects that subconsciously contribute to the aesthetics of the space, which trigger thought, and whose entity is determined by themselves but also by the user.

My desire was for them to have a story behind themselves+ on which everyone will step + develop it further. I wanted everyone to experience their everyday life with those without them being a sterile decorative intervention

  • SOFASWEET booth 2019
    SOFASWEET booth 2019
  • PIG MAMMA booth 2019
    PIG MAMMA booth 2019
  • SOFASWEET booth 2018
    SOFASWEET booth 2018
  • Babis Trans
    Babis Trans
  • Gossip house
    Gossip house
  • F+Z house
    F+Z house
  • F office
    F office
  • L office
    L office
  • V pastries shop
    V pastries shop
  • White house
    White house
  • EYE house
    EYE house
  • G house
    G house
  • HA  complex
    HA complex
  • K complex
    K complex
  • N house
    N house
  • QA house
    QA house
  • SOFASWEET Booth 2017
    SOFASWEET Booth 2017
  • X shops
    X shops
  • ZEN house
    ZEN house