Less is more (0.76x0.36x0.17)

Materials chosen:

βιομηχανική λάμα + ξύλο

Dimensions (m):


Made frombooks for recycling, based on its color, a composition in plexi-glass was created which initially looks like a simple combination of colors.
But by looking more closely, the colors become words + words become a message,
evergreen + resounding: "Less is more" by Mies Van Der Rohe.

  • SOFASWEET booth 2019
    SOFASWEET booth 2019
  • PIG MAMMA booth 2019
    PIG MAMMA booth 2019
  • SOFASWEET booth 2018
    SOFASWEET booth 2018
  • Babis Trans
    Babis Trans
  • Gossip house
    Gossip house
  • F+Z house
    F+Z house
  • F office
    F office
  • L office
    L office
  • V pastries shop
    V pastries shop
  • White house
    White house
  • EYE house
    EYE house
  • G house
    G house
  • HA  complex
    HA complex
  • K complex
    K complex
  • N house
    N house
  • QA house
    QA house
  • SOFASWEET Booth 2017
    SOFASWEET Booth 2017
  • X shops
    X shops
  • ZEN house
    ZEN house