lila athanasopoulou

architect engineer n.t.u.a.

lila profile newStudio LILA architect + designer which is based in Athens, was established in April 1999 by
Lila Athanasopoulou, architect engineer of NTUA.

It deals with the study + construction of private houses, while working + experimenting on a wide scale field, which includes the following, among others;
detached residences, modifications, apartment blocks and shops alongside product design.

It has participated in national exhibitions of architecture + design, while relevant articles have occasionally been presented in Greek publications.

A part of its effort is dedicated to what has been termed as “brand architecture”, and it stems from understanding the function of the notion each brand + its strategic implementation in an architectural proposal. The aim is to establish norms in order to produce purely original work. The constant experimentation with materials leads its projects always a step ahead, giving birth to new spatial experiences; that is imprinted in each project through the experiential potential of space, advancing specific life models.

The team has over the years accumulated substantial experience not only in architectural design + construction, but also in interior design reaching up to product design.

  • SOFASWEET booth 2019
    SOFASWEET booth 2019
  • PIG MAMMA booth 2019
    PIG MAMMA booth 2019
  • SOFASWEET booth 2018
    SOFASWEET booth 2018
  • Babis Trans
    Babis Trans
  • Gossip house
    Gossip house
  • F+Z house
    F+Z house
  • F office
    F office
  • L office
    L office
  • V pastries shop
    V pastries shop
  • White house
    White house
  • EYE house
    EYE house
  • G house
    G house
  • HA  complex
    HA complex
  • K complex
    K complex
  • N house
    N house
  • QA house
    QA house
  • SOFASWEET Booth 2017
    SOFASWEET Booth 2017
  • X shops
    X shops
  • ZEN house
    ZEN house